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International Relations IR training course in Rawalpindi 03134706988

International Relations IR training course in Rawalpindi 03134706988

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International Relations is a subject that has the added benefit of covering all possible topics imaginable. Politics, Linguistics, Economics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Business, Law – every field under the sun, practically, connects to International Relations. International Relations is a broad degree program concerning the social and political conditions of our increasingly globalizing world.

International Relations students main concerns are how different political systems interact and what their impact is on a global scale.It’s no accident that several international diplomats, ambassadors, and presidents studied a university degree in International Relations.

Also, you’ll be paving the way for a future in International Politics, International Business, International Diplomacy, and International Law.

International relations is the study of an international system composed of territorial states which acknowledge no superior authority over matters which they consider of vital interest. This degree studies the functioning, theory and history of this system, and the nature of the changing relations between states and non-state actors.

Course Content:

  • International Relations Diploma Course
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Political Ideas
  • Introduction to International Inequality & Development
  • International Relations of the Twentieth Century
  • Global Security
  • International Organisations & Political Cooperation
  • Globalisation & International Political Economy
  • Environmental Politics & Policy
  • Environmental Politics & Policy
  • Policy Challenges of Asia-Pacific Security
  • Ethics in International Politics

1 year diploma

3 months training

2 year diploma

6 months training


  • 5 Days a Weeks

Class Timing

  • Evening & Morning Shift

Total Fee

  • Rs.25000/-,Rs.50000/-


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