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Human Resource Management training course in Rawalpindi 03134706988

Human Resource Management training course in Rawalpindi 03134706988

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This course offers interesting and challenging modules and options. It will suit graduates intending to work in HR, as well as those already working in the field and wanting to advance their careers. Building on your understanding of the theory and practice of HRM techniques, it provides a professionally focused and research informed blend of academic and practical information, encouraging critical reflection on current HRM approaches.

The Introduction to Human Resource Management Course in IPED provides an overview and good foundation of knowledge in the key principles of HR. It is suitable for people who are new to HR, those who work in HR and want some formal training and those who encounter HR as a part of their role at work. The Human Resource Assistant training course is ideal for someone looking to launch an Human Resources Careers. It combines an introduction to Human Resources with Administration skills, in order to provider the learner with the ideal mix of HR and Admin skills to be fully prepared for HR Assistant Job roles. It provides the ability to get an Accredited qualification, a range of skills and the training forms as a basis for continued study and progress in your HR career or job.

Course Content:

  • The role of human resources in organisations
  • Recruitment and interviewing techniques
  • Human industrial relations
  • Training and development
  • Remuneration and administration

1 year diploma

3 months training

2 year diploma

6 months training


  • 5 Days a Weeks

Class Timing

  • Evening & Morning Shift

Total Fee

  • Rs.25000/-,Rs.50000/-
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